5 x 10 M5 CNC Plasma Table by LightningCNC COMPLETE

With Floating Head, Torch Height Control, Touch & Go

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Travel Dimensions:  Y Axis 112 " - X Axis 57"  -  Z Axis 5"

What is included:

Complete 5x10 Table (5x10 Footprint)
Completely Welded Together
4-axis Breakout Board
(4) Nema 23 Motors 320 oz-in on the X and Y Axis 380 oz-in on the Z Axis  ($300 to upgrade to 620 oz-in motors)
24v Power Supply (The table is powered by standard 110v outlets. Recommended 20 amps or more)
Dual motors on the Y axis for better accuracy.
Rack and pinion drive X and Y Railing
Ball Screw Z Axis.
Plasma Cutter (Machine Torch) Mounting Bracket. (Hand held torch mounting available if needed) 
Computer Refurbished- With Windows 7 Licensed to you. 1-2 GB Memory 2.5 or more GHZ Processor
(ADD YOUR OWN Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)

Software:  All software will include Legal Licenses With the exception of any demo software installed.
Mach3 - This software will be used to control your table. 
SheetCam  - This software is used to create your G-Code needed for Mach 3. 
Lazycam - This software is also used to create G-Codes.
DesignSight - CAD Drawing Software.
Inkscape - Drawing Software.
All Software will be preloaded and configured before shipment.

18 month warranty.

Just add Plasma Cutter.

Excellent repeatability. 

Steel Slats will be needed for plasma cutting $450 for us to add.
Slats shown in the photo Will NOT be Included.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any other sizes?
Yes, we do.  Please see our other listings or give us a call at (760) 530-6872 ext 102
Custom sizes are also available.
Do provide any Technical Support
Of course Tech Support is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST  (760) 530-6872 ext 104 
and 24/7 by email at support@lightningcnc.com
Do you offer any training?
Software support is available directly from the software providers. 
Some training videos are also preloaded onto the computer.
Does your machine include THC or Automatic Height Control?