6 x 6 M4 Hybrid CNC Plasma Table - 3 axis by Lightning CNC Very Dependable

With Floating Head, Torch Height Control, Touch & Go

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Travel Dimensions:  Y Axis 72 " - X Axis 72"  -  Z Axis 5"


What is included:

Complete 6x6 Table (6'5" x 6'5" Footprint)
4-axis Breakout Board

(4) Nema 23 Motors 320 oz-in on the X and Y Axis 380 oz-in on the Z Axis  ($300 to upgrade to 620 oz-in motors)

24v Power Supply (The table is powered by standard 110v outlets. Recommended 20 amps or more)
Dual motors on the Y axis for better accuracy.
Rack and pinion drive X and Y Railing
Ball Screw Z Axis.
Plasma Cutter (Machine Torch) Mounting Bracket.
Computer Refurbished- With Windows 7 Licensed to you. 1-2 GB Memory 2 or more GHZ Processor

(ADD YOUR OWN Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)

Software:  All software will include Legal Licenses With the exception of any demo software installed.

Mach3 - This software will be used to control your table. 

SheetCam  - This software is used to create your G-Code needed for Mach 3. 

DraftSight - CAD Drawing Software.

Inkscape - Drawing Software.


All Software will be preloaded and configured before shipment.

18 month warranty.

Just add Plasma Cutter.

Excellent repeatability. 

Steel Slats will be needed for plasma cutting $350 for us to add.
Slats shown in the photo Will NOT be Included.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you have any other sizes?

Yes, we do.  Please see our other listings or give us a call at (760) 530-6872 ext 102

Custom sizes are also available.


Do provide any Technical Support

Of course Tech Support is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST  (760) 530-6872 ext 104 

and 24/7 by email at support@lightningcnc.com


Do you offer any training?

Software support is available directly from the software providers. 

Some training videos are also pre-loaded onto the computer.


Does your machine include THC or Automatic Height Control?